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A special strength of the region lies in the interaction of politics, business, public administration and universities. Many companies who are active on a global scale have settled in the region. The region has a strong base in natural and engineering sciences and technology, which is an important economic factor.

The cooperation model between science, research and business in the city of Ulm has been very successful and has a positive impact on the neighbouring counties: Innovative potentials are activated, young companies and founders of new businesses are promoted and locations are strengthened.

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strong industries in the Donau-Iller region

Most important industries

The structure of economy in region Donau-Iller is very diverisfied. Especially the pharmaceutic industries, vehicle construction and logistic sector are extraordinary strong. Some initiatives are fostering these industries.

In Region Donau-Iller with 36.000 employees working in the engineering industries are the strongest followed directly with 27.000 employes in metal working industry. In pharmaceutical sector there are 11.400 employees.


Portfolio of inustries for the Region Donau-Iller (source: Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterStudy Perpective Region Donau-Iller 2030 (available in German))

Business Development in the Region

The cities and districts in Donau-Iller region all have separate contact persons for all questions of business development.

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